The Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Belinda Johnson (3I87I), a certified public accountant with more than 20 years of experience.   For a period of 10 years after graduation and prior to establishment of her firm, she was employed by Bank of America, N.A., and First Union Bank as an Internal Auditor/Financial Control Analyst.   Belinda is now the founder and managing partner of the accounting firm Belinda Johnson CPA PA. Belinda has worked as audit managing partner for the firm since 2007, concentrating primarily on governmental and not-for-profit entities. 

Belinda provides industry leadership and oversight of Firm services for governmental units, special purpose governments, education-based entities, healthcare, and other ancillary organizations.  She has dedicated much of her career to serving the compliance and financial reporting needs of governmental, specialized industries, and tax-exempt organizations. She understands the challenges of containing costs, efficient and effective use of information technology.

In her role as Executive, she manages multimillion-dollar contracts, while handling operations and staff to ensure efficient business processes and client compliance. She plans engagement needs with consideration given to standards, regulations, laws, and budget; create project timelines and assign, monitor, and adjust tasks according to staff strengths. During the engagement she reviews progress and make priority adjustments as needed. As required by standards conduct post-event assessment to identify successes and areas for improvement.

As you can see, Belinda is a very active member of each Firm engagement and the Firm's success.


Belinda has a BA in Accounting from Queens University, Charlotte NC; then she later graduated Cum Laude with a second degree from More Than Conquerors College. Over the years, Belinda has attended annual conferences and completed other training materials, which have enabled her to use the audit service as a springboard for offering management advice and suggestions for improving governmental reporting. As is her custom, Belinda completes more than the required continuing professional education (CPE) courses annually. 

The experience and commitment to the governmental and not for profit industry is revealed in the number of CPEs the Managing Partner completes annually. Because the Firm provides governmental audits, Belinda attends specialized training courses based on the higher required standards of GAGAS, where team members take a minimum of 24 hours of training in each 2 year period in subjects and topics directly related to government auditing, the government environment, or the specific or unique environment in which the audited entity operates in.  However, the Managing Partner completes 24 hours annually in this field of study.

Firm Managing Partner Career Background

External Governmental & Exempt Audit Experience

Audit Contracts & Project Management

  • Currently manage governmental and exempt entities' audit contracts in access of $30 million. 
  •  Manage operations and staff to ensure efficient business processes and client compliance. 
  • Plan engagement needs with consideration given to standards, regulations, laws and budget.
  • Create project timelines and assign, monitor, and adjust tasks according to staff strengths to fulfill deadline completion.
  • Manage multiple task lists to complete projects with adjacent deadlines. 
  • Ensure procedures adequately address the identified risks of each audit area.
  • Ensure audits performed by the Firm are  performed under generally accepted auditing standards, Governmental Auditing Standards, and the Uniform Guidance and/or other standards as appropriate.
  • Ensure staff understands audit objectives, timeliness and expectations.

Industry-Specific Internal Employment Experience


Public Service Commission, Little Rock AR
State of Arkansas Department of Education, Little Rock AR

Banking Industry

Internal Auditor/Financial Control Analyst at

Bank of America and First Union Bank. 

Professional and Civic Activities

NCACPA Speaker and participant in charity events:

  *Financial Literacy Volunteer, speaker for "Making Cents" event

 *Financial literacy program "Moving From an Apartment to a Home”

  *Food Drives

President of a Homeowners Association

 5-year tenure for a 90-home community

Camp Lejeune (military base) 

School Team Mom Leader

Favorite Charities

Charlotte Women & Men Shelters